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Here is an introduction to Redcon-1 Artists, links to their music, their videos, and also to the social networks. Please feel free to add them, listen, and view their videos. 

Stephen Hobbs

The Warrior CD $12.99 plus S/H

All Family No Friends CD $12.99 plus S/H

Afghanistan In June  CD $11.99 plus S/H

Stephen Hobbbs performs under his legal name, he is an Active Duty Army Sergeant with multipul deployments ISO OIF & OEF. He released his debut album on Sept 11th "Afghanistan in June" While deployed ISO of OEF. Click on the "More" tab for more information.


Loyalty Before Money CD $11.99 plus S/H

Journey to the Message CD $12.99 plus S/H

Panda is also known as Tommy Labelle is an Active Duty Sergeant in the US Army. He has multiple  deployments in Support of OIF, and uses music as his Therapy. He released his mixtape "Prepare for Departure" in late 2012. Click on the "More" tab for more information. 



Jerry Lozano is J-Deuce CD $11.99 plus S/H

Changed Man CD $12.99 plus S/H

J-Deuce also known as Jerry Lozano is an Active Duty Marine SGGT in the USMC with Multiple  Deployments in Support of OIF & OEF. He released his debut album with Redcon-1 in early 2012 titled "Jerry Lozano is J-Deuce". Click on the "More" tab for more information.

Kuzzn Bank

Kuzzn Bank is also known as Miguel Mata. He is a season Veteran when it comes to Redcon-1 Music Group and creating music. He has currently released 5 EP's in the Last 5 Months this year 2019.

Make sure to search him on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and all other digital retailers


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